Framed Prints - Framing the things that matter the most

Say hello to our refined series of Framed Prints allowing you to order your own photo art from your personal photos. It's a concept inviting us all to create great interior from our greatest life stories. Or to gift away something that really matter to both you and the happy receiver. 

Create your wall art from your own favourite photos. Tell a story about your kids, your wedding or your favourite vacation. Or create something arty from your best conceptual shots if that’s what you’re in to. The Anything is possible being the strongest feature of our Framed Print series. 


Refined quality

If you invest in creating your wall of memories, we do want it to last a lifetime. The printing quality is the finest on the market, our frames are all made from high quality Swedish wood and we put real glass into them instead of the acrylic version. 


Frame colours

All our frames are made from Swedish high quality  wood and can be delivered in white, black or oak. 


Full bleed

Not the passepartout kinda person? Or do you prefer to mix it up a little? Choose our full bleed option for a full size print. 


Taped backsides

We take great pride in our craftmanship, taping all our back sides with acid free tape, just like the museums. Why? Simply because we want your prints to last a life time.

Options and details

Paper quality: Hahnemühle 310 gram Pearl - Semi matte.

Framing technique:  Acid-free 400 grams paper on the inside of the backside taped with acid-free tape on the backside to last a life time. Float glass as a standard.

Frame material and colour options: Swedish high quality wood in white, black or oak. 

Frame sizes: 30x30, 30x40, 40x40, 40x50, 50x50, 50x70. All sizes measures 20mm in depth and 15mm width.

Framing options: Acid free black/white passepartout or full bleed.



We're only using  the highest quality of acid free passepartout. Choose between black or white


Real glass

All our frames are nicely encapsulated in real glass instead of acrylic glass. 


Get inspired by our creative community:

Find inspiration from our lovely community. All creations representing different life stories and different styles, but all produced with the same genuine quality and technique. 

Make it happen

Find your favourite wall and start imagine how to tell your visual story. Then let it grow into something beautiful, unique, personal and stylish.

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