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Only friends and family (“Referrals”) who have not received email from Framkalla and/or made a purchase through Framkalla qualify to use the 20% discount credit provided in your Invitation. Referral invitation credit can be applied as a one-time discount to items purchased within 30 days of receipt for new customers. Advocate 20% voucher code for referring friends is a one-time discount - credits cannot be combined in the event of multiple referrals or invitations sent. Limit one code per customer. Credit cannot be combined with other offers. By entering Referrals' email, you agree that Framkalla may send one invitation to this email. By entering Your First Name and Your Email Address, you agree to be emailed a one-time use coupon. This promotional credit is issued by Framkalla Europe AB and it reserves the right to change or terminate this program, redemptions and referral discounts at any time.