4 facts worth knowing — Our calendars are more than just calendars

Start off the new year with structure and style. And maybe a little more sustainable than before. Here are 4 things worth knowing about our new calendars: 

Jag vill gärna läsa artikeln på svenska, tack!


1. FCS certified paper

Both the Wall Calendar and the Calendar Cards are printed on FCS certified paper. A certification aiming for a more sustainable, socially responsible and economically viable use of the worlds forests. The main principles means that this certification make allowances for animal and plant species, good conditions for the workers in the forests and the possibilities for the forests to revitalise and receive in the future.


2.  Reusable potentials 


When one month comes to an end you easily breathe new life into it's card by scissoring or cutting the calendar part with the help of trim marks on the back side.


When yet another year comes to an end you can order a refill pack for your birch stand instead of purchasing a complete new version.


In terms of the Wall Calendar, you simple scissor or cut by the spiral to turn a calendar side into a A4 printed poster. Frame it or decorate with it just as it is.


3. Effort into details

The photo stand is made out of the finest birch wood from Dalarna, a material that will age with beauty, just as your life stories. Also, each and every back side is stamped by hand. Why? Simply because we believe the result lies in the details.


4. 100% Swedish

The new calendars are 100% produced in Sweden. That means that we can ensure working conditions and shorter transports as well as materials and quality. 

We hope you're as excited about the new calendars as we are. Happy new beginnings! 


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