A guide to the 5 most personal gifts — for Father’s Day, or any special day

Make sure you tell a father (your own, a granddad, the father of your kids or him who is a fabulous father figure regardless ties of blod or not) what he means to you by gifting that, that matter the most to him. Personal gifts from the people, places, memories and special moments will guarantee warm hearts and big smiles, all year round. Therefore we’ve put together a guide with our 5 best tips on how to create the most personal gift for Father’s Day (or in fact any other day) from the pictures you capture and carry with you every day in your phone.

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Tip 1. Let life take up space with our Retro Art Prints in a birch wooden stand

Life is an art form in itself so let it be eternalised as Retro Art Prints. From now on you can easily add on a hand made photo stand from the finest of Swedish birch wood so that he can let the story of your life be told whenever, wherever he prefers. Each stand can hold around 12 Retro Art Prints and the rest are easily stored in the beautiful box made out of recycled, non bleached paper always included when turning life inte art. As beautiful to gift as displaying.

Wanna know more about our series of sustainable, recycled Art Prints? We’ve gathered everything you’d want to know and more here.


Tip 2. Gift a book with a Photo Strip turned into a personal bookmark

Does he like to read? Does he love yummie cookbooks or thrilling biographies? What every book type he is, the icing on the cake will for sure be the personal, loving bookmark added to that gift.

Create your bookmark from our Photo Strips, using your own photos and clip arts from the library in the app and the most personal add on to your gift is his.

Wanna know more about how to create Photo Strips with clip arts? We show you how to here.

Tip! Your Photo Strips is as perfect to decorate the gift with as it is turned into a bookmark.


Tip 3. Enlarge a moment as a Fine Art Poster and gift with a wooden poster hanger

One picture, one poster and you’ve created a magical gift to warm up a heart with. Add one of our new poster hangers and your poster gift is ready to decorate a wall at home or at work (or wherever preferred). Ledges made from the finest of Swedish wood with strong magnets keeping the poster in place.

Available in the sizes of 30 and 50cm and in the colours of white, black and oak. As elegant as timeless and most importantly — they do the job of framing life’s most important things in a very simple way.


Tip 4. Gather everything and everyone he loves in one poster


Surprise with a love bomb by collecting life and its best moments all in one place. Our photo posters are available in sizes ranging from 30x30cm to the grand 50x70cm with a good selection of grids from 6 to 54 pictures in each poster. Frame it, add a poster hanger or gift it just as it is and let a father enjoy the joy every day!

Tip! Add a text in the bottom right corner for an ever more personal touch..

Wanna get a better sense on how to create a visually good looking photo poster? Read our 3 step guide here.


5. Frame your best moments and let the photo wall of a life time begin

Frame your best memories and start the creation of a grand, personal photo wall based on your life together. A nice activity for the hole family and a concept that can be expanded continually as life proceeds with new memories created and captured. It’s trendy, personal and loving.

Choose from a range of sizes, colours and passepartouts.

And hey, your photos are always delivered framed and ready, 100% hangable on a wall or steady rested on a shelf.


No, it doesn’t need to be harder to create such a personal gift.


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