Inspiration from our community: This year's most personal Christmas gifts

Christmas is getting closer by the hour as well as the deadline for this year’s most personal Christmas gifts (deadline december 9). But, we’re always stronger together and Christmas is a time for family solidarity and community celebrations, which makes us want to know less about our own way of thinking and more about what our community is thinking regarding Christmas. Therefore we’ve asked them for inspiration and tips on this year’s most personal gifts. And we love it!

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@comakihl collects moments in Memory Boxes and Birch Stands

Marte Kihl is a creative genius from Oslo and these are her thoughts on gifting, memories and all that it means to her:

“Christmas is getting closer and it’s time to highlight all special and heart warming memories from the past year. And the best way to do just so is to turn them into physical prints…

Photo:  @comakihl

Photo: @comakihl

“A small box with great importance — Each Christmas I order Retro Prints in Memory Boxes from Framkalla, simply because I know how appreciated they are. I gift them to family and friends. All those small memories from a past year.

Photo:  @comakihl

Photo: @comakihl

“This year I’ve also ordered a Birch Stand for the prints to be displayed in, and with every stand comes 25 Retro Prints. Great memories in a smaller format also deserves to be put on display! The Birch Stand is the perfect little thing to have in a home where you see it, swap photos and let each memory shine when you want it to.

Photo:  @comakihl

Photo: @comakihl

Do you, like us, believe that these are fantastic gifts?! Then order a Memory Box or a Birch Stand with Retro Prints! And did you know!? With every order comes a Merry Christmas Card, for free! So all there’s left for you is to sign and gift. Gifts that truly matter in just a few simple steps.

Wanna know more about Marte? Follow her on Instagram and have a look at her inspiring blogg.


@rasing.two.wildlings uses a Framed Print to frame a special moment in life

Cecilia is a storyteller with an instinctive feel for everything detailed. Just look at the way she composed her Framed Print with black passepartout in a black frame, framing a black and white photo. Stylish, edgy and heart warming all at once.

“The personal gifts are the most appreciated. Each year we print a photo of Charlie. This year Otis is in it as well. Our two rowdy hearts beautifully framed in a square. Sometimes pure beauty is simple.

Do you also keep memories on you phone ready to be framed and make someone very special very happy? Create a Framed Print (or many) and gift something that truly matter.

Wanna know more about Cecilia? Follow her world of visual beauty on Instagram.


@sanna.emelie decorates with and gift printed photographs

Sanna, like the ladies before, is a creative with great sense for color, shape and photo. For Christmas this year, she’s printing a lot of memories.

“Now I’ve finally printed some photos, those that really means a lot but only been on my phone. Now they’re about to decorate Christmas gifts, be framed and fill up photo albums. Memories on paper, the best there is.

Do you also feel like print photos to decorate and gift as an unforgettable Christmas gift? Print the most classic of Prints straight in the app.

Wanna know more about Sanna? Follow her fairy world Instagram.


@guttenogstrikkemor is decorating gifts with memories and personality

Pia Marlene is a norwegian knitting designer who creates the most magic knitted things. This year, like last year, she is decorating her gifts with Photo Strips.

“This years greeting cards on the gifts are like last year highly personal and really cute. You create them so easily in the Framkalla app.

Do you also feel like decorating your Christmas gifts with personality and love? It’s simple - make your own Photo Strips by combining your best photos with our pre-designed ClipArts from the gallery in the app. To help you out we’ve put together a guide on how to create unique Photo Strips for Christmas in a few simple steps.

Wanna know more about Pia? Follow her creative world on Instagram or have a look on her website.

So simple, to create something so truly meaningful.

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