Reuse life — Our new Art Prints are more than just prints

Turn your life into print on the finest FSC-certified Mohawk Eggshell 324 grams paper with plain, white backsides waiting to be filled with your words. Always delivered in a simple, non bleached and reused paper box made to unfold your life stories. Life is art and we therefore introduce our new series of Art Prints. A collection that is more than just regular prints…

Jag vill gärna läsa artikeln på svenska, tack!

One product, many possibilities

Very often life is what it is thanks to all the people we’re surrounded by. And then we find ourselves urging to tell these people why they matter to us. Sometimes we like to send a personal THANK YOU!, an invitation or simply reach out and say hi! Other times we feel like decorating a gift, a pinboard or simply note our best moments together with the people we love. And sometimes we feel like creating printed photo art from our favourite photos. No matter what intentions we have, our new Art Prints will be suitable for all of that, and a little more.

Put a smile on someones face with a memory

Put a smile on someones face with a memory

Collect your life adventures

Collect your life adventures

Create photo art from your photographs

Create photo art from your photographs

Say THANK YOU! your way

Say THANK YOU! your way


Prints with focus on both feel and sustainability

The feel

These textured Art Prints are like nothing you’ve held before. Printed on the finest FSC-certified 324 grams Mohawk Eggshell paper with a matt, nicely structured surface the feel of your new prints is both luxurious, solid, thick and sustainable.

With plain, white backsides they’re made to be filled with your words. Send a greeting, note a memory or send them out as personal invitations or Thank You! cards.

Choose from 3 different sizes (8x10, 10x10 or 13x18cm), always delivered in a beautiful box made out of recycled, non bleached paper.


Eco-labeled paper in both prints and photo box?

Yes, that’s correct! Both paper and printing technique for our new Art Prints are eco-labeled, and the same goes for the boxes they’re delivered in.

FSC-certified paper and eco friendly digital printing for a sustainable photo product

Fiber sourcing — For a paper to be considered eco friendly the ligneous fibers has to be FSC® eller PEFC™ certified or consist of a minimum of 50% recycled fibers with the remaining new fibers following the standards of FSC eller PEFC. Our Art Prints are FSC-certified. A certification aiming for a more sustainable, socially responsible and economically viable use of the worlds forests. The main principles means that this certification make allowances for animal and plant species, good conditions for the workers in the forests and the possibilities for the forests to revitalise and receive in the future.

Manufacturing process — For a product to be defined as eco friendly the paper mill producing the paper has to be certified according to ISO 14001 and hold an eco-label with a life cycle perspective. A life cycle perspective means a process focusing on everything from the trees used to the process of manufacturing all the way to recycling the used product.

Printing Process — Instead of using a classic photo printing technique, our Art Prints are printed digitally with vegetable based colors. The most environmentally friendly printing colors⁠ up to date.

Packaging philosophy — Even the boxes used for delivering your new Art Prints are made out of recycled paper containing the paper fabric Kraftpack 307g. A wood free, non bleached, non coated kraft paperboard med eco certification PCF, standing for "Process Chlor Free", a term used for recycled paper not using chlor in its bleaching process.


[Coming soon] Art Prints with a Retro feel

Sometimes life turns out to be even better when combining the best of two worlds. So we keep on expanding our selection of Art Prints with our latest edition Retro Art Prints. Simply our long time favourite Retro Prints on new paper, with a great deal of new possibilities. Brighten up the front with a word or two and let the backside be filled with a longer greeting. Or let it be as it is, in all its simplicity. You’re the creator of your own life, and your life as art.


So simple to create something so unique, sustainable and meaningful. Life is art, make it last forever with Art Prints.


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