Framkalla Gifting No. 03 - Say it with a print, say it with a ClipArt

With Valentines Day around the corner we think it's about time to talk about love. But when it's over, we shouldn't stop. We look at Valentines as the beginning of a long lasting, loving and lovable collection. As an ongoing love story, with all of you.  


Love is love

Valentines Day or not - love is one of those things we should always be grateful for. To celebrate love a bit extra in times of darkness and cold, we're filling up our ClipArt gallery with new, loving and caring ClipArts just in time for Valentines. But they will last a lot longer than that. Just like love itself...


Gift and tell your love story

We all have stories and love stories worth telling. Enhance yours by adding a ClipArt (or many) to your collection. This is gifting that really matters. 


Simply combine your personal photos with your pick of ClipArts. Access it all in the app in just a few steps. Upload, order and wait for delivery. As simple as that to create something so meaningful. 

Happy Valentines, Happy gifting!