A guide to pregnancy photography: 3 tips on how to capture a growing life on camera

Are you or someone you know in times of expectation with a belly as beautiful as life itself? Experiencing a pregnancy may be one of the most special moments there is. And also something that only happens once or a few times, ever. It’s a time of fear, expectation, hope, curiosity and endless love. A time to remember and look back at forever. So you better make sure to immortalise it on camera. These are our 3 tips on things to keep in mind if you’re about to capture a growing life on camera or if you wish to be photographed by someone else.

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All images - Photo:    Anna Bergman    Model:    Lina Nilsson

All images - Photo: Anna Bergman Model: Lina Nilsson


Tip 1. Capture the photos in a relaxed environment

To pose in front of a camera for someone who’s not used to it can be hard enough. To do it when your body is in constant change and with clothes emphasising this might be very uncomfortable, especially in the beginning. But you’ll get over it, and it’s worth it! To capture a growing life on camera is a moment of pure gratitude for the rest of your life. So, to make sure your future mama is feeling relaxed as soon as possible, tip number one is to do the photoshoot in an environment where she’s relaxed and comfy, as a suggestion in her home. Another good one is to start in the bedroom if the light is good enough, since it might be easier to find a comfortable and natural position in a big bed.


Tip 2. Natural light in different ways

The most important part of a pregnancy shoot is to capture the glow, to encapsulate the whole feeling of this magical experience of creating a life full time. A constant presence of something bigger than yourself. And actually, you don’t need a fancy studio with advanced lightning to capture the feeling of carrying life. Instead, have a look around where you are and analyse: how is the light falling? How can we capture it from different angles? How can we move camera and mama to help the natural light do the job in different ways?

Photograph in backlight: To accentuate the beautiful silhouette of a growing belly an impactful tactic is to shoot in backlight. Let a sheer curtain cover the window for a glowy result and capture her profile. Let the light fall through her hair or in a way that enhances the silhouette stance:


Let the light fall naturally: Keep her close to a natural source of light, like a window, and move around her with the camera. Investigate and analyse how the light is falling and how to capture the silhouette in a new way with the help of light and angle. This is not as concrete as photographing in direct backlight but if you spend a good time looking and analysing you’ll soon find new angles that will create a nice contrast between light and shadow:


Tip 3. Thing “natural” all the way through

As we’ve just talked about, natural light and natural environment is always a good starting point to capture photographs as natural possible. But moving on from there, keep the styling of hair and make natural as well for a soft, vivid and honest look. Maybe a messy bun, some sun powder and lipgloss is enough to emphasise the beauty in naturally stripped and simple, just as the whole experience in itself. Try to work out poses that are flattering but at the same time looking relaxed and natural. Or maybe poses emphasising the heavyness in a beautiful way? The most important thing though, is that the person who is to be photographed sets the guidelines for how she wants the photos to represent her pregnancy in a way making her feel comfortable, beautiful and alive. Today and every time looking back at the photographs.


When it finally comes to editing a good one is to alternate between black and white and colour. Find a tone, alternatively a filter, and try to create the same vibe and expression for all your photos making sure they go well together both colour vise and style vise. Want tips on how to edit your photos? Read our guide on mobile photo editing.

And last but not least, have fun while creating. Then the rest will follow!