Would you recommend us? Then grow together with us and our Recommendation Program:

We believe in real talk and we believe that the best of tips comes from the people who really know what they’re talking about. We could go on and on about how fabulous our products are, of course we think so — they’re our babies, but what really matter is what our users of the app and printed moments create think. Like you and everyone else who turned their digital memories into physical prints. Let’s put it like this — If you like what we do, chances are good that your friends will find joy in our products as well. Right?! Who doesn’t enjoy life stories as interior, personal gifts and memorable collections? Therefore we’d like to make it simple for you to spread the word, as well as it gives something back, to all of us. So here we go: a brief introduction to the Recommendation Program of Framkalla.

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What about the Recommendation Program?

Well, to put it short: when you’ve created an account in the app you can choose to share the word about us by inviting your friends to Framkalla as well as giving them a yummy discount of 25% off a full order, regardless the size. And when they use this code, you will automatically get a €2,50 refill on your Framkalla account EACH and EVERY time your unique code is being used by someone else. This is Framkalla voucher money that you can save or gift or use frequently when turning more life stories into print.


This is how it works

To spread the word about us while giving your friends a generous discount as well as earning voucher money to your Framkalla account, simply do like this:

  1. Register / log into your Framkalla account in the app

  2. Go to the drop down menu and choose “Invite your Friends to Framkalla!”

  3. Share a unique voucher code with your friends the way you prefer

  4. Your friends get 25% off an order

  5. For each order made with your recommendation code you'll get a €2,50 refill on your Framkalla account for future printing.


And hey — The more the merrier! You may share the voucher with as many friends you like, whenever you like to do so. Get the app now: