Framkalla Stories No. 02: Jannicke -Aim for happiness, aim for art

Mother, creator, photographer, interior stylist, consultant, social media manager, blogger… Meet Jannicke Valen, the inspiring woman behind @aimforhappiness who curates everything from her own life, to Instagram feeds and interior concepts for others with great skill and instinctive feel. She’s a trained graphic designer and interior stylist, but from there she does everything around it and in between.

Jannicke herself blending into her beautiful living room palette

Jannicke herself blending into her beautiful living room palette

”I’m a creative person who aim to tell the good stories in life. A day at work is never the same - I do everything from home styling, bigger interior projects, styling and photo commissions, graphic design and colour scheming to running social media channels and writing articles and blog posts for companies. My own blog is also a part of my profession, and I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to inspire my readers. Everything strives from creativity and that’s my pure drive.  

Her own blog is a platform for visual inspiration and great guidance when it comes to interior, photography and styling. Her work is a mix of physical projects communicated through digital platforms. Her engagement, knowledge and interest for curating life in social media channels is clear:

”Social media to me equals possibilities. It’s been a stepping stone for different ideas and has offered possibilities I would not have wanted to be without. It’s an easy way to create new networks with people interested in and driven by the same things as well as it introduces you to new trends and new ways of thinking. 

And as for us, her main and most important social media channel is Instagram:

”I love how the photo becomes the main focus and the way those photos tells stories in themselves. To me, Instagram is my visual portfolio, a platform that showcases what I do and what I can in a delicate and simple way. And I love photography! Since social media plays a big roll in all my work, I am happy to see that more and more companies opens up their eyes to all the possibilities social media can provide for your business. But it also puts pressure on you as a creator - it’s a constantly shifting sphere where you need to think in new ways and work hard to keep up. 

Aimforhappiness is Aimforart

As an addition to everything she’s already managing, Jannicke runs and administrates a photo art influenced webbshop called

”It’s a webbshop focusing on photo art. We are committed to the best possible adaptation of the images to make them fit the customers homes. We are willing to help with everything from the actual image in itself to special editing requests or finding the right fit and frame material. Our aim is to democratise photo art and to make it available to everyone who wants to have it in their homes. 
Aimforart decorating the Aimforhappiness bedroom wall

Aimforart decorating the Aimforhappiness bedroom wall

And for a while now, Aimforart has been a side project that sprung from a demand from their friends wanting their photographs in their homes, but during 2018 they will put some actual hard work into the project. 

”I have years of experience from printing and Esben, my husband, is a professional photographer so we kind of felt we have what it takes to conquer that dream. We have faith in this idea and we want to take the ordinary poster that’s so popular these days to the next level. 

And we too really do think it’s a brilliant idea. In fact we find it so good we’re collaborating with Aimforart by printing a range of products for them. That’s synergy at its best. 

The meaning of colour

Colourful as she is, Jannicke is also an ambassador for Nordsjö Norway. Her interest in colour is quite obvious when looking at her feed, her home and her creations. In a smooth and delicate way it all comes together so brilliantly. We find it both refreshing and truly inspiring!

Colourful details and magic views in the home of Jannicke

Colourful details and magic views in the home of Jannicke

”I love colours. It adds something truly unique to your home and your interior. And color doesn’t necessarily have to be found on the walls. When I do home styling the most important thing is to highlight the wishes from my clients. I find it as interesting to style homes with white walls and pick up colours with other details instead. But some kind of colour is necessary in all homes, haha. 

So how often does she re-paint her own home?, we can’t help but wondering. Well, not too often - yet:

”We’ve only lived a year and a half in our home so I’ve only re-painted three times since then. But I actually have my own colour for Nordsjö coming up named Aimforhappiness Peony that I’ll put on the walls soon. So there's always some kind of project related to paint in the pipe… 

To sum this all up, we got hold of Jannickes best 4 when it comes to interior: 

  1. The atmosphere and the vibe you wish your home to reflect is the most important element when it comes to interior
  2. Make it personal - build around those things that are meaningful to you
  3. Create a wholeness with colours. Fill your home with different colours but let them intertwine creating colour scales or let the contrast be very clear and given
  4. Find something eye catching that reflects your style, something that differentiates you from the rest of the crowd

Thank you Jannicke for sharing your visdom with us. We wish you the best of luck and inspiration and we’ll follow your colourful life with great curiosity and interest! 

Get in contact with Jannicke on Instagram or via her blog. The possibilities are limitless! 



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