Step up your iPhone photography — 5 tips on how to photograph winter

Time to put on your beanie, gloves, long johns and head out in the cold. ‘Cause even though we can spot spring somewhere about in the horizon it’s still quite a while left of winter. The dark, long and cold but also the beautiful, cosy and in many ways delightful one. So, to celebrate this crispy season we’ve put together a guide on how to photograph winter in 5 different ways. Let’s head out, shall we?!

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Tip 1. Capture the light once it strikes

The winter season is in many ways covered in darkness where that sun is shining of absence. But, once it’s out drenching a cold winters day in its rays, it may be one of the most beautiful things there is. So make sure to be there to enjoy it and capture it on camera. Play around with different perspectives and let nature in itself create a nature play of light, as in the photograph below. By capturing the photo in a frog perspective you allow the greatness in the trees, the snow, the light, yes, nature itself, shine through your photograph. Let yourself become something very small in something very big, beautiful and mesmerising.


Tip 2. Capture the beauty of grey melancholy

Sometimes the winters grey feels like a thick lid one never manage to get out of, but with a little help of positive thinking you may approach it in a different way. Turn the grey into something cosy and beautiful instead. Right!? So, instead of hiding indoors when winter is dull, bring your camera and warm clothes, get out and explore all the beauty the grey can arouse.


Tips 3. Capture the world just the way you see it and encapsulate that winter feel with a little help of composition

Sometimes all you need to find the best motives is to simply stop, look, feel and capture. Look down on the ground that carries your feet or capture the world the way both you and your object sees it. Take advantage of the environment you’re photographing and look for new angles and perspectives for your composition.

Work with white space and let this technique highlight what you see by letting a great part of the photography consist of “nothing”. When thinking in terms of white space you create an airy, stylistic and telling image all at once. Very often it’s the small moments provoking the strongest and most positive feelings. As when the snow squeak underneath your feet and you stop to listen to the calmness of a snowy landscape. Sometimes it’s as simple as feeling grounded. Eternalise this simplicity by creating a collection to decorate your everyday life with. Maybe this will make you hear the calmness of the snow every time you look at your printed photographs?


The central perspective is an example of an effective way to create depth in your photograph as well as captivating the attention from the on looker. To place your object with its back towards you creates a story in a story. It’s a way to capture what both you and your object sees in a careful, humble way.


When you work with composition and story telling even in the most simple of photographs you automatically create stylish photographs that easily can be turned in to your personal photo art.


Tip 4. Find the differing colour and let it pop

No, the winter is not famous for being the most colourful of seasons, rather the opposite. Or? If one open up once senses and start to carefully look around you’ll find that you may stumble upon colour even in the most dull times. Sometimes naturally, sometimes from what humanity created.


By actively searching for differing and popping colour in your surroundings you’re guaranteed to capture photos that are both interesting and beautiful to look at. And if you’re lucky you may even discover new places, people, angles and spaces in your everyday surroundings.


So, what to do then with all you winter crispy picture once they’re flooding your iPhones camera roll? A good idea is to collect them in Memory Boxes to create collections from different moments, travels, periods or days. And did you know, with every Memory Box comes a moments and memories-card free of charge. We do believe it should be easy to organise all those precious life moments.


Tip 5. Get out there, enjoy and have a lot of fun!


Sometimes the best of photos just happens when we expect it the least. Our last, and maybe most important tip goes by the old goody - get out, find the kid in you and have fun. But (!) with your camera ready, cause you never know! Maybe you capture the photograph of the year. If so, frame it and let it fill a home with joy for years and years to come…


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