Make room for what matter the most

We all have stories worth telling and what better way to do so than in print? Life happens constantly and with our high quality phone cameras always ready it’s never been easier to document every little moment. Absolutely fantastic but also a bit stressful. How often do we really take the time to go through and enjoy all these photos stacked on our devices? Instead we suggest you to sit down once to mark your absolute favourites and then turn them into print. Simply make room for what matter the most in a place that matter the most, your home. So these are our 3 favourite ways to do just so. Maybe you turn a photo (or many) into the most thoughtful gift for Father’s Day, or any day? Or you surprise your family on Christmas with the best moments shared together?

Jag vill gärna läsa artikeln på svenska, tack!


Tip 1. Decorate with a single moment beautifully hanged with our new Poster Hangers made from Swedish wood


Frames in all honour but sometimes keeping the sensation of a poster in all its simplicity is as appealing. That’s why we’ve launched our new Poster Hangers. Simply ledges made out of Swedish wood with magnets strong enough to keep your poster in place. They’re available in the sizes of 30 and 50cm and in the colours black, white and oak. They’re elegant, timeless and practical as they’re easy to mount and handle when swapping posters over time.


Tip 2. Print 25 moments as Retro Prints and put them on display, one by one, in a delicate Birch Wooden Stand


It may be tiny in its physical form but the love contained inside is too big to even describe. Put life on display in a birch wooden stand, swap photos when you feel like it and let your photo stand tell your precious life stories over and over. The stand is handmade in Sweden from the finest of birch wood from Dalarna with backsides all stamped by hand. It’s a tiny block with great impact, so easy to place wherever you prefer it to be placed and as easily moved around when in need. The best part? When life serves you new stories to be told, simply print a batch of new Retro Prints and swap the old ones. Or get another block and grow your stories. All possibilities.


Tip 3. Frame life and create a gallery wall from your own photos


Let your best of memories occupy space by taking the concept of gallery walls to a new level. Mix up your new Framed Prints with the art you already have at home or create a new combination of frames from your own photos and moments only. And do so in a few simple steps in the app. Your photos will be delivered framed and ready to hang with tejped backsides, acid free passepartout and encapsulated by real glass. Just like in the museums. So let your life become pure photo goods. As fun to create as to enjoy.


Could you ever imagine it would be this easy to make room for all the things that truly matter in life?


Don’t have the app yet? No problem: