3 reasons to love a Memory Box full of printed photographs:

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It's powder pink, It's stylish, It's practical and everybody loves it. Why? Simply because it can fill so many purposes and be used in a variety of settings. This is a short introduction to why we love a Memory Box filled with printed memories.


1. The perfect personal gift


What's more thoughtful than gifting something that really matter? A Memory Box filled with printed memories is appreciated by everyone simply because it's 100% personal. The box is always delivered with a from/to card making it ready to gift upon delivery. A powerful gift in all its simplicity. All you need to do is sign the card and gift it to someone dear. 


2.  The timeless hard drive 


What happens with your photos if you loose your phone or if your hard drive crashes or if someone hacks your cloud storage? The biggest fear of the 21st century may be the one of loosing everything stored in the digital space. So make sure to breathe life into your photos by turning them into physical prints and store them in a timeless Memory Box. You'll know for sure where you have them and you'll be able to flip through them easily whenever you feel like it. With every Memory Box comes a card for archiving where you can add time and place to make sure your time travel will run smoothly every time you open up your box. 


3. The delicate detail for your home 


Whenever you're not on a time travelling experience with your Memory Boxes they'll turn into perfect interior details on a shelf, chest or wherever else you think it will add visual value. They're easy to open up and very neat when not in use.


We don't need to say a lot more than this. The Memory Box is the perfect little thing in so many ways.

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