One baby, many faces — A 5 step guide on how to turn your baby pics into a unique photo poster

They grow up so fast and no day is like the other. From the first moments of eye contact, to the first smile, the first laugh and yes, the first of everything. To document your baby grow, develop and evolve are memories for life. A sweet reminder of its growth and an even sweeter reminder of how the smallest of facial expression can bring the greatest of joy, every day. So document your baby with your phone and then let your favourites get a place in the spotlight by turning them into a photo poster and a happy pill to warm up a home. These are our 5 best tips on how to gather all your baby’s emotions in one stylish and heart warming photo poster.

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  1. Talk and play with your baby


And let it take time. That way you keep your baby relaxed with a mind closer to laugh, thoughts and observation - all these things creating a poster full of life. On top of that you create space for some fun times together.

2. Capture a series of photos from above

And you automatically underline a uniform look as well as this perspective allows a good contact with your baby. Another great hack for a uniform look is to capture a series of photos for your poster all at once. By doing so, the light will serve the same conditions, and you wont have to spend as much time on editing for a uniform look. However, a good tip is to add a filter for a softer and more processed vibe. Your phones editor’s pre made filters will do the job in a snap.

3. Colour match blanket with clothing

And you tick yet another great hack for a good looking, well thought through and joyful poster. This as well is a great way to save time on editing.


4. Choose your favourites and gather them in a folder

And you’ll reach them smoothly when in the app creating your poster. This also gives you a brief overview of the feed making it easy to tell which photos that goes good together. Name your folder accordingly and add photos as your baby adds skills to its facial expressions.


5. Expand your “One baby, many faces” collection by creating new posters over time

And all of a sudden you have a collection of posters telling the story of a very small baby turning into a little bigger baby. A magical way to take advantage of this very special time that tends to pass by way to fast.


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