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Summer is in full bloom with its long days, bright evenings and colourful characteristics. It's a time for effortless socialising, relaxation, new experiences and a lot of time spent outdoors. It's that time a year we always remember with warmth, hope and a strong wish for a fast return as soon as it's over. For all of these reasons it's also a time that is captured on camera, a lot and often. And if there is one thing we love doing, it is turning your precious moments into print. That said — we’d really like to hang out with all of you this summer while helping some of you turning these magical days into everlasting memories in print. Therefore we’re giving away one selected product each week to a special summer moment of yours.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Post a photo (or many!) from your summer to Instagram ⁠

  2. Tag us @framkalla⁠ in the photo

  3. Use #FramingSummer somewhere in your caption⁠

  4. We pick a summer photo each week that will be turned into a precious printed everlasting summer day. As simple as that.⁠

And hey, you may tag as many photos as you like! We simply love following your life journey.