Christmas cards for everyone - 3 ways to send your personal holiday greetings this year

It may feel far away from our era of digital, fast moving messaging but the more meaningful to actually get physical greetings and snail mail, right? Everyone loves a personal greeting for Christmas and isn’t it something special about knowing that the person sending them actually took the time to spread the joy for real? So be that person who sends out joyful greetings this year using our new predesigned Christmas cards, the old favorite Photo Strip or create highly unique versions of every card using our Retro Art Prints. We show you 3 ways to do just so: the simple way, the creative way and the highly personal way.

Jag vill gärna läsa artikeln på svenska, tack!


1. Make it simple with our new series of sustainable Christmas cards [Launching Nov 3rd]

We’re finally launching predesigned Christmas cards where all there is left for you is to choose your favorite design and one photo only that applies to all your greetings in a second. The white backsides allows you to write a personal greeting to each receiver or to be left as they are. Well, yes, it has never been easier to send your greetings with us than now.

And if the simplicity of it all wasn’t enough, they’re also a more sustainable way of greetings:

  • All Christmas cards are printed on high quality, recycled FSC-labeled Mohawk paper in beautiful egg shell texture

  • Digital printing technique using vegetable based printing colors only

  • Always delivered with the right amount of eco labeled (Svanen) envelopes

  • Available in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish


2. Send creative and fun greetings using our Photo Strips, clip arts and your best photos

Are you applying to the category of people who likes to send greetings that stands out from the crowd? Well, then let a Photo Strip do the job.

  1. Mix up your best, personal photos with our predesigned clip arts from the gallery in the app and you have joyful and unique greetings to send to everyone you fancy

  2. Let each strip be unique or make them all the same. Only you decide

Wanna know more about how to create your Photo Strips? We show you here.

Note! Envelopes are not included.

Note! Envelopes are not included.


3. Let every greeting be 100% personal using our Retro Art Prints

Do you want every card to be a specific and personal greeting to each person you’re greeting? Then make it happen with our Retro Art Prints. As for the Christmas Cards, these as well are a sustainable alternative printed with vegetable based colors on recycled, FSC-labeled Mohawk paper with white space for your words both on front- and backsides. So make sure you fill them with all your love, all on your terms, doing your way.


Who could imagine it would be this easy spreading the joy this Christmas?


Don’t have the app yet? No problem: