Old photo, new life - a simple guide on how to create the most personal gift for Fathers Day

He was there from the day you were born and when you managed your first staggering steps. He told you to take it easy at parties and to not trust everyone who seemed nice. He’s been yelling at you, and he’s been fed up, yet he’s the one driving you around between activities and friends. He wiped your tears and laughed to tears with you. He’s always been your safe haven, a solid rock to were you can always return. You’ve shared a life and regardless the details one thing is for sure - there’s only one of him. Your father. So make sure you tell him what he means to you by gifting something that really matter.

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Surprise with the most personal of gifts for Fathers Day

We’ve put together a guide on how to breathe new life into old photos in a few simple steps while creating a gift that will bring even the most tearless of fathers to tears of joy.


Step 1. Take the time, he’s worth it

Is it true that we used to be better at printing back in the days? In many cases it seems just like it. Stacks of boxes from the past are hidden in an attic, storage or way back in a wardrobe. We think it’s about time to give ourselves the time to wipe off the dust and create something new from something old. Go through all them old, lovable photos from your life together and pick your all time favourites.


Step 2. Digitalise an old photo with your iPhone camera


Capture the photographs with your iPhones built in camera in good lights without letting the light source reflect too much in the actual photographs. A good advice is to turn off all the luminous sources/lamps and place the pictures on the floor close to a natural source of light like a window or an open door to let the light flow in a soft way without being too direct.


Step 3. Edit the new photos and make them ready for print

Start by opening your iPhones built in photo editor to begin the printing pre-production process.


Enhance brightness and contrast

Keep in mind that your photos will print a bit darker than experienced on screen. A good tip is to turn down the brightness of your iPhone screen to 50% and then enhance the brightness in the photo until it looks the way you’d like it when printed. It will not give you a correct result since all screens differs from each other and from a physical print, but it’s a good indication. Also enhance the contrasts a bit for a sharper result. But make sure to not over do it.


Crop your photos

When brightness, contrast and colours looks as preferred it’s time for a final crop. Remove the background and crop the picture the way you want it to be cropped and put it into a specific Fathers Day folder in your image gallery. If you don’t know how to create specific folders in your iPhone we explain it further here.


Step 4. Create your unique gift in the Framkalla app


Poster or Framed Print?

Download or open up the app to choose your favourite product. We recommend something that will end up on the the wall, like a Photo Poster or a Framed Print, from where it can spread the joy of memories every day. Inside the Framkalla product editor you will crop and sort the images just the way you want them to print (so make sure to preview carefully).

Step 5. To a father for a father - the most personal gift


So simple to create something so meaningful!

Don’t have the app yet? No problem: