3 tips on how to create a magical photo poster from your pregnancy pictures

Are you pregnant or do you know someone who is? Then this article is for you. To both feel and watch a growing life take shape might be one of the most powerful experiences one could ever be a part of. It’s a time full of hope, expectation, fear, happiness and change. And as magical as it is to experience this time, as beautiful is it to look back at it once those nine months has passed. And therefore we’ve put together a guide on how to create the most loving and memorable photo poster from your pregnancy. Dig in and let’s create more magic.

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Tip 1. Photograph your belly in the same place every week

By doing so you’ll create a uniform feed of images for your poster turning it into a more uniform piece of personal photo art. It’s also a fun way to eternalise how your belly grows and gets bigger while the surroundings stays the same. Simply put the change of life in focus, and not the opposite. Inevitably, the light will change and appear differently in each photo, but that simply adds a feel of life without out ruining the the nice, uniform feel. And what better way to wrap up your poster than letting the last photo represent you with your beloved, new born little baby in your arms?


Tip 2. Gather your photos in a folder ment for your poster

Since your’re photograping your growing belly over time, your photos will be sprawled chronologically in you camera roll. This may be a little trappy once your’re about to create your poster since you’d have to scroll through all photos in your roll from that time period when picking the photos for your baby belly poster. A great way to get around this little issue is to create a folder specifically ment for these photos. This not only gives you easy access to the photos once in the Framkalla app ready to print them, but it also allows you to edit them easily when preparing them for print and you also get a good feel of the feed they will produce in your new poster.


If you then choose to create a poster with 6 photos, 54 photos or anything in between is all up to you. Each pregnancy is unique and so will your poster be.


Tip 3. Edit your photos & use filters to create a uniform, visual look

Our phones today are like small, yet powerful tools for editing all in themselves. So use the embedded editor in your phone or use an app to create your unique vibe. In this example we’re using iPhones camera editing filter “Noir” for all the photos, making them black and white for a very solid look.

Two good things to keep in mind when editing your photos for print:

  1. Use an app that does not compress the photos when exporting them — that means an app that exports your photos in its original size without deteriorating its quality. Your phones own editor is usually a good idea, as well as the VSCO app available on App Store/Google Play.

  2. Brighten up your photos a little to ensure the blacks won’t take over the details in the photos in print making them too dark. Do so before uploading them into the Framkalla app.

Would you like some more tips on how to edit your phone photos? Read our guide on how to edit your photos in 4 simple steps using exposure, contrast, colour and cropping.

It’s usually easy to add a filter and edit the brightness, contrast etc. directly in your phones editor.

It’s usually easy to add a filter and edit the brightness, contrast etc. directly in your phones editor.

Who’d have though it’d be this easy to create a personal story from your own life in print? Interested in getting some more reading on the theme? We’ve gathered our 3 best tips on how to capture on growing life on camera in our guide for pregnancy photography.


Don’t have the app yet? No problem: