A gallery wall 100% by you - Get inspired by our creative community

If you've tagged along in social media lately you've probably noticed the exploding trend in gallery walls, wall art and framed photography. We absolutely love it but as much as we do, we also lack that final touch of what we find the most important thing in a home: personality. Solution? Taking the concept of the photo wall to a clearly more personal level by allowing you to create it from your own photos. Our refined series of Framed Prints is the answer. Mix up your memories with your favourite art or curate a wall entirely from your own photos and lived moments. 


For you, by you, to you

All our products are brought to life thanks to you and it isn't until you've filled our frameworks with your personal moments and memories they actually become what they are. Therefore we'd like to dedicate this post to our creative, diverse and inspiring Framkalla Community. So dig in to this article to find yourself full of inspiration. A photo wall 100% made by you is closer than you could ever imagine


Photo wall by @attvaranagonsfru

In the south of Sweden we find photographer and blogger Emma. Her home is a vibrant, playful and creative oasis. The photo wall created represents her style, her taste and her personal life. A great combination impossible not to get mesmerised by. 


"To create a more coherently curated photo wall I decided to stick to one frame colour (black) and one colour on the passepartout (white). I do like things a little sprawling though, but when it's about to get mixed up with other art work I thought something uniform would do good for this project."


Emma curated a wall of photo art from old art work and frames mixed up with our Framed Prints in the sizes of 30x30, 30x40, 40x40 and 50x70. We love the personality and characteristics this curation creates in combination with her vibrant interior and beautiful tone of wall colour. This is personal interior at its best. 

More on framed love on her blog (in Swedish). 


Photo wall by @astridm.interior

In Bergen, Norway we find the stylish, Scandinavian and bright home of Astrid. Last year she got married and what better way to relive that beautiful day over and over again than through a visual tale on the wall? 


"I really love the images and there's truly something magical to look at the photos from our wedding every day. I ordered straight from the app, super easy, and got the photo prints delivered framed and ready to hang immediately."


We really love the simple yet powerful way of hanging her frames in a staircase formation. It creates  an interesting way of talking to the spectator while lifting literally) the room and its personality.  


Photo Wall by @tfreiij

Tove is one of our favourite photographers and a master when it comes to composition. Her work is spread across our platforms and used in many of our communicated products, where many of the photos representing Stockholm is the art of her camera. We simply love her artistic way of capturing the world. Her way of curating a photo wall on the floor is no exception. 


Tove brought visual magic into her home the way she combines our Framed Prints with classic photo prints and diverse art work. The result is highly personal, interesting, arty and good looking. Get more inspiration from her? In a previous blog post we talked a little with Tove about printing her Instagram and why she likes to do it


Photo wall by @aimforhappiness

Just outside of Oslo Jannicke inspires from her colourful home with magical views and beautiful family stories. Working as a photographer she has a great eye for combining the personal with the professional in her tales.


"The bedroom is the one of my favourite rooms in the house. It's incredible to wake up to sun soaking its light on the sea outside. The atmosphere in the room is just the way I want for a bedroom but it got that final and important personality with all these beautiful memories on the wall. We choose white frames with white passepartout since it pops nicely on the green walls. "


Jannicke uses our prints not only to create personal gallery walls in her home, but also to spread her photo art to the world via @aimforart. Earlier this year we had a chat with Jannicke on how to create a lifestyle based on passion, colour and freelance work. Read her story Aim for Happines, Aim for art.

Wanna know more about her thoughts on gallery walls and framed photography? Read her post about it on her blog (in Norwegian). 


Photo wall by @itskjakobsen

In Norway interior stylist and photographer Karoline curated a gallery dining room wall with her family life stories.


"I really love the gallery wall in our dining room and also fact that it's made in just a few steps in the app on my phone. It's a simple way to immortalise some of our most memorable moments."


Karoline is playing around with different frame sizes in a very nice way. Sticking to black and white photos and the same frame colour and passepartout her photo wall becomes solid, stylish and playful all at once. 

Wanna know more about our Framed Prints? Have a look here, or start creating your memorable gallery wall right away. To help you out a little we're offering BUY 4 PAY ONLY FOR 3 on all our Framed Prints. No excuses! 


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