3 simple ways to prolong summer

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The summer that already hit all records of being the warmest, sunniest and most ice creamy summer in decades is slowly, slowly transforming into autumn. It's been a summer with hundres of days of sunshine, with thousands of memories created that has filled up our camera rolls with as many photos. And as far away as autumn may seem, it is in fact here pretty soon. We therefore think it's about time to ensure that these warm, breezy days will keep on shining for a long, long time... So these are our three simple tips on how you let autumn arrive but summer remain


Tip 1. Print a summer poster to warm all year round

You find it hard to pick one photo to put on the wall or you want that piece you're creating to tell a longer story? Create a personal photo poster from your summers best moments. Choose between a grid of 6 up to 54 photos. Need some tips on how to create a visually good looking photo poster? We've put together our 3 best tips on how to


Tip 2. Collect your memories in Memory Boxes

Print your vacation memories, your childs first staggering steps or this summers best ice creams. Sort your memories in different Memory Boxes and note people, places and time with a card for archiving that comes along with every box free of charge. It's also a great way to ensure that your best memories does not get lost with the rest of your thousands of summer photos that just seem to stack up storage on your iPhone. Put your Memory Box beside your bed, in your living room or wherever else your want it to remind you to relive the best of life as often as needed. Want more inspiration? Here we explain further why we love a Memory Box full of photos and what else you can use it for. 


Tip 3. Frame a life and decorate a wall

What's better than reliving life's best moments every day? The time has come when you in a few simple steps can create photo art from your own photos directly in the app. Our Framed Prints are delivered framed and ready to hang. Always in the best of quality from photo paper to frames. It's the perfect gift for yourself or that someone you wish to make a very happy someone. 


Don't have the app yet? No problem: