This year's most personal Christmas gift is printed:

Christmas is getting closer by the hour and we believe it’s about time to plan this year’s most personal gifts. Life is best when lived, and second best when remembered. Therefore we believe in gifting life’s best moments and memories. Appreciation is guaranteed, no matter to whom you’re gifting. These are our favourites!

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1. A photo poster filled with loved ones and beloved places

Gather your favourite vacation photos, life photos or any photos that will make your photo poster very special all in one place. The photo poster is a timeless favourite that is spreading the joy all year round. Add a frame and your poster is ready to decorate a wall in a snap. Want some tips on how to create a visually good looking photo poster? We’ve gathered our 3 best tips here.


2. En Memory Box filled with memories

A tiny box with great importance. Print all your favourites and gather them in a Memory Box. The best of all? The box is so delicate it does not need to be wrapped up. Simple decorate it with a silk ribbon and gift it with the Merry Christmas-card that is included free of charge.


3. Framed moments

The best of memories deserves a place in the spotlight. Choose between a range of sizes, frame colours and passepartouts. Add your photo and you’ll have a gift delivered framed and ready to make your special someone very happy. This is a luxurious gift, for sure!


4. Birch stand + Retro Prints

NEW! Great memories in a small format also deserves to be put on display. Therefore we’ve launched out Birch Stand made out of wood from Dalarna, Sweden. With every stand comes 25 Retro Prints filled with your life stories. Flip through them all and let every day tell a new memory. Stylish and loving all at one.


5. Poster Calendar 2019

The Poster Calendar 2019 is finally here. Go tell a year in pictures. It’s the perfect gift to yourself and everyone you love. Add a frame and the calendar is ready to hang in a snap.


So simple to create something so meaningful.

With every order comes a “Merry Christmas to/from”-card free of charge so that you can gift without any effort. Open up the app and find your favourite/favourites.

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