Collect love: store your wedding in a Memory Box

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"Going through the photos from the wedding is to relive that day over and over again in the best of ways. All emotions, facial expressions, people, small and big events... Everything comes back. It's amazing to always have that wedding day so close. And there is something special in breathing life into digital photos by turning them into physical prints. It gets so real in a way."


Life is best lived, second best when remembered. So breathe new life into your memories by collecting them in our beautiful Memory Boxes. It's the perfect gift for your partner, your friend, sister or brother. It also turns into a stylish interior detail once placed and honoured in your home. Every Memory Box is delivered with a from/to card and a card for archiving, free of charge. 

When printing, start by choosing your source of choice. You'll reach your photos through Dropbox, Instagram or your iPhones camera roll. If you transfer photos directly onto your phone, a good suggestion is to create a specific folder for the wedding photos you like to print. Don't know how to create folders in your iPhones camera roll? We show you quick and easy here


Give your memories the love they deserve: 


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