Half a year, half a calendar - how to turn a calendar slide into an everlasting print

Do you feel, just like us, that it’s a shame to cast aside your calendar as a year is going by? Pretty unreasonable when you think about it, right?! That’s why we’d like to show you how to take care of the calendar slides that might be outdated for the calendar in itself, but not time wise in general. Simply turn a month into an eternal print. Don’t have a Wall Calendar yet? Take the chance and create yours before it’s too late - we give you 50% off until the end of June or until we run out of stock…

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"But what use do I have for the months that has already passed?"

From calendar slide to print

To reuse the months that has already passed, simply scissor or cut away the spiral marks and voila! you just got yourself a poster/print to frame or decorate a wall with just the way it is. All you need is a scissor or a cutting knife and if your prefer som brads or frames for wall decoration.

1. Remove the print from the spiral

2. Cut off the marks from the spiral. A good tip is to use a ruler to mark up a thin line alongside the edge in order to easily get a straight cut.


3. Decorate with your new print just the way it is by keeping the hole for easy hanging:


Or frame it and let your calendar turn into a wall of personal prints over time:


Or why not experiment with format by adapting your cut and using a pen to add a scribbled memory och write a greeting for someone you care for.


The possibilities are endless. The concept is simple. Start of by telling a year in pictures, then let those memories live on in a new era, in a new way. Yes, it’s this easy to reuse a life in pictures. And not only that, these are two other fact very worth knowing about our calendars:

+ FCS certified paper

The Wall Calendar is printed on FCS certified paper. A certification aiming for a more sustainable, socially responsible and economically viable use of the worlds forests. The main principles means that this certification make allowances for animal and plant species, good conditions for the workers in the forests and the possibilities for the forests to revitalise and receive in the future.

+ 100% Swedish

Your Wall Calendar is 100% produced in Sweden. That means that we can ensure working conditions and shorter transports as well as materials and quality. All those things we believe important.


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