Christmas Inspo

Christmas greetings from us to you:

It’s time to relax about Christmas. This years most personal gifts are already in your camera roll on your phone. All you need to do is to get in a comfy position and order them straight away. We call it minimum input, maximum output: gifts that really matters. 

Have a jolly one!

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Inspiration No. 02 - Personal & unique Christmas cards as Photo Strips

christmas cards inspiration

Started to think Christmas cards are a little passé? Well, not anymore. Photo Strips are the key to endless combinations. Combine your best family photos with our simple ClipArts and your Christmas cards for 2017 are done.

Do like this: 

1) Choose your favourite photo/photos
2) Choose your favourites Christmas ClipArts
3) Compose the Photo Strip
4) Add a little text on the bottom of the Strip
5) Or change the color


christmas card inspiration

A Jolly good Christmas to you all!


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