Say THANK YOU! with a print - we show you how to

The season of graduation parties, weddings and summer fiestas is here and as important it is to throw an unforgettable party, the “thank you for making our day the best”-greeting may be even more important. Therefore we’ve put together a simple guide on how to create personal, creative and loving thank you greetings, directly in the app.


Both our Retro Prints and Photo Strips makes for perfect thank you cards. And the best part is that you can choose to either use the same photo/photos for all cards or make them highly personal by choosing different photos depending on the person your saying thank you to.


Tip 1. Say Thank You! with a Retro Print

A photo says more than a thousand words. A photo with a greeting says it all. Is your camera roll stacked with lovable memories from that special day? Print them an make sure your guests know how thankful you are for making that celebration so special. Use a Retro Print to send a unique photo to each guest or print the same photo multiple times. Write your greeting on the print with a pen made for photo paper and your thank you is ready to be sealed and delivered. Don’t feel like writing by hand? No problem - use the text editor in the app and write your greeting upon ordering. Then all there’s left is to send out those prints filled with love and gratitude.

Please not that envelopes are not included.

Please not that envelopes are not included.


Add your greeting right away

If your rather add your text directly in the editor upon ordering that’s all fine. Choose the text too (T), add your greeting and choose the font you prefer. It’s easy to give each print a personal and unique thank you.


Tip 2. Say Thank You! with a Photo Strip

Feel like sharing more than one photo? Let your salute turn into a Photo Strip. Choose from your own photos and our pre made ClipArts in the apps ClipArt library. Then turn that Photo Strip into the most personal thank you in a different and fun format.

Obs! Kuvert medföljer ej.

Obs! Kuvert medföljer ej.


Swap the photos

When entering the editor you’ll notice your photos not at all in the order you want them to appear. Don’t worry. Simply swop around the photos by marking to and let them swap. Continue until they all appear where you want them to. Choose to make each Photo Strip unique or send the same one to all guests. The best part is that you’re the one in charge!

So simple to create something so meaningful!


Don’t have the app yet? No problem: