Presenttips - Ge nytt liv åt en gammal bild. En guide till hur du scannar gamla fotografier i 5 enkla steg:

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Har du också en hög med gamla fotografier från en svunnen tid fyllda med härliga livsberättelser upplevda av familjens generationer? Foton som dock efter alla år tenderar att vara lite slitna och blekna? Eller foton som kanske bara är bortglömda av de personer representerade i dem? Vi tycker det är hög tid att ge bort något betydelsefullt och personligt genom att återanvända, återuppfinna och återuppleva. Så vad passar då bättre än att ge nytt liv åt dessa föråldrade fotografier genom att digitalisera och printa dem på nytt och på nya sätt? Här är en steg-för-steg-guide till hur du ger nytt liv åt en gammal bild samtidigt som du skapar de mest personliga och minnesvärda presenterna som finns. Till dig själv, eller de du älskar mest. 

För vi tror att de bästa presenter är de som verkligen betyder något. Presenter som väcker känslor till liv och framkallar minnen. Eller, om vi inte själva varit där, presenter som ger oss en inblick i hur våra far- och morföräldrar var när de var unga. 


Livets bortglömda stunder som gåva 

Steg 1. Börja leta bland alla gamla bilder och välj ut dina favoriter. 

Steg 2. Digitalisera dem. Starta kameran i din iPhone och ta nya bilder av de gamla godbitarna: 


Steg 3. Öppna din telefons inbyggda editor och gör dina bilder klara för print:



Croppa din bild så den ser ut precis så som du vill att den ska printas.


Ljusa upp

Öka exponeringen för att vara säker på att bilden blir ljus nog i tryck. 


Steg 4. Ladda upp och beställ. 


Skapa din gåva

Öppna din Framkalla-app och välj produkt. Ladda sedan upp din bild/dina bilder, beskär och beställ. Dina återupplivade minnen levereras redo att ges bort inom några arbetsdagar.  


Steg 5. Ge bort och återupplev. Så enkelt att skapa något så meningsfullt.



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Getting married? Put this on your list:

Getting married? Or know of someone who is? Or did you already say yes and find yourself with a bunch of beautiful memories from that very special day? Make sure to put this on your list to put those memories into print.  Create a photo wall from that special day, store it with photo prints in a Memory Box and say Thank You! to all your guests with special prints from that day. This is your introduction to Framkalla [heart] Weddings. 

Frame your day with high quality Framed Prints:


Choose one favourite or create a photo wall with all your favourites. To help your wall grow we're offering a buy 4 pay only for 3 on all Framed Prints. 

Choose between oak, white and black frames. Then decide on white or black passepartout or turn it into a full bleed print. 


Or store that day in a Memory Box: 


Say Thank You! to everyone who came with a Photo Strip:


Or send your greetings using our Retro Prints: 


What ever print type you prefer, it will make you and the receiver happy over and over. Long live love! Simply immortalise it with prints and that day will last forever. 


Wanna read more on gifting and weddings? These are the articles for you: 


Don't have the app yet? No problem:

Gifting inspo: Reuse, reinvent and relive - a guide to scanning old photos in 5 simple steps


Found a bunch of photos from a stolen time filled with great life stories lived by your older family generations? But photos that after all the years gone by tend to be a bit scattered all over with a condition ranging from okey to clinging on to the last of life. Or photos that just might be forgotten by the people represented in them? We think it's about time to gift something meaningful by reusing, reinventing and reliving. So what better way than to breath new life into these old photos by digitalise and reprint them all over in new ways? Here's a step by step introduction on how to give an old photo a new life while creating the most memorable gifts there are, for yourself or a loved one.

Cause we do believe that the best of gifts are the ones that really matter. The ones that evoke emotions by bringing back memories. Or, if we can't remember, the ones that gives us a hint of who our grand and grand grand parents were when younger. Let's begin.


Create gifts from old photos

Step 1. Begin the search and gather your old, new favourites. Then decide what photos will do best for print. 

Step 2. Digitalise them.  Simply open up your iPhones camera to capture new photos of the old goodies. 


Step 3. Get your photos ready for print.



Open up your iPhones built in editor and crop it as you prefer it to look like in print.



Increase exposure to ensure your photos turns out bright enough when printed.  


Step 4. Upload and order. 


Create your gift

Open up your Framkalla app and pick a product of your choice. Upload your image/images, crop, fit and order. Your reinvented moments will be delivered ready to gift in just a few days. 


Step 5. Gift it and relive it.  As simple as that to create something so meaningful.



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Decorate with photo posters: 14 brand new designs for you to choose from

We all have stories worth telling and what better way to do it than through prints? So, if you like photo posters as much as we do you simply can not miss this. From only 4 alternatives we've now upgraded to 18 different poster designs in the sizes 30x30cm, 30x40cm, 40x40cm, 40x50cm, 50x50cm and 50x70cm. Choose between 3 different grids for each size and let your life stories come alive while decorating the most important of spaces, your home. 

The photo poster is the perfect gift to oneself as well as for the people you really fancy. Simple, fun and always appreciated. Add a frame and your poster will be ready to hang or stand in a moment. 


Let your own life inspire every day. 


Add a frame and hang it in a snap. 


From a delicate grid of 6 photos to a full story of 24.


Mix and match to create interior from your well lived stories

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From me, to you: cards for free!

Did you know that you from now on always get a from/to card and an archive-card with your Memory Box for free?! Yes, it's true. Your Memory Box will now fill two purposes at once - it's a gift ready to gift away as well as a box archiving those precious moments and memories of yours...


All you need to do is to choose your favourite photos for print. 


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#FramingLife by #Framkalla

Cherish the love: Surprise with a memory for Valentines

Who do you love?

Your grandma, your friend, your wife, your dog, your boyfriend, your kid, your parents? Who ever it may be - celebrate it and let the world know why! We all have stories worth telling. And what better way to cherish those than through prints? 

Frame Life:


Let love spread and remind yourself about it every day. Decorate your home with a loving Framed Big Print from an even more lovable moment. Gift it to yourself or to a dear one!

Decorate with love:


Turn your Memory Box into a print holder and change your photos from time to time. While doing so, your Memory Box will start telling your love story.

Gifts that matters more:


We’ve learnt that our products are mainly created as gifts, regardless the season. Either to yourself or to a loved one. Therefor we think it’s about time to make gifting with us a little more simple than it already is. From this day on we’ll hand out these loving greeting cards with every order free of charge.

Happy gifting, happy receiving! 

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Framkalla Gifting No. 03 - Say it with a print, say it with a ClipArt

With Valentines Day around the corner we think it's about time to talk about love. But when it's over, we shouldn't stop. We look at Valentines as the beginning of a long lasting, loving and lovable collection. As an ongoing love story, with all of you.  


Love is love

Valentines Day or not - love is one of those things we should always be grateful for. To celebrate love a bit extra in times of darkness and cold, we're filling up our ClipArt gallery with new, loving and caring ClipArts just in time for Valentines. But they will last a lot longer than that. Just like love itself...


Gift and tell your love story

We all have stories and love stories worth telling. Enhance yours by adding a ClipArt (or many) to your collection. This is gifting that really matters. 


Simply combine your personal photos with your pick of ClipArts. Access it all in the app in just a few steps. Upload, order and wait for delivery. As simple as that to create something so meaningful. 

Happy Valentines, Happy gifting!


Friends of Framkalla Christmas Edition

We're proud to say that we have an amazing community out there, turning our products into something amazingly personal and unique with every single order. So this post is a tribute to all of you, our friends, but also to all the rest of you out there who likes to create beautiful things and gift it to beautiful people. 

 Christmas Cards by @ rebolo  and Framed Big Prints by @ attvaranagonsfru

Christmas Cards by @rebolo and Framed Big Prints by @attvaranagonsfru

 Poster Calendar by @ invild90  and Retro Prints with Memory Box from @ comakihl

Poster Calendar by @invild90 and Retro Prints with Memory Box from @comakihl

 Gift decorations from Photo Strips by @ karinabak  and Poster Calendar from @ maritfolland

Gift decorations from Photo Strips by @karinabak and Poster Calendar from @maritfolland

Life is best when lived, second best when remembered. Therefor we suggest that you remind someone dear about a dear moment you shared by creating this years most personal gifts. 

Hope you all get as inspired by these super ladies as we do. Time to get creative...

Don't have the app? No problem:

Psst, remember to use #framkalla & #framinglife and let the world see your creations.