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Framkalla Gifting No. 03 - Say it with a print, say it with a ClipArt

With Valentines Day around the corner we think it's about time to talk about love. But when it's over, we shouldn't stop. We look at Valentines as the beginning of a long lasting, loving and lovable collection. As an ongoing love story, with all of you.  


Love is love

Valentines Day or not - love is one of those things we should always be grateful for. To celebrate love a bit extra in times of darkness and cold, we're filling up our ClipArt gallery with new, loving and caring ClipArts just in time for Valentines. But they will last a lot longer than that. Just like love itself...


Gift and tell your love story

We all have stories and love stories worth telling. Enhance yours by adding a ClipArt (or many) to your collection. This is gifting that really matters. 


Simply combine your personal photos with your pick of ClipArts. Access it all in the app in just a few steps. Upload, order and wait for delivery. As simple as that to create something so meaningful. 

Happy Valentines, Happy gifting!


Your favourite 2017 Instagram moments turned into a Poster

Let's look back on a year filled with adventures before throwing ourselves into a new 2018. In an era of digitalisation our Instagram feeds has certainly, for many, turned into our most important visual diaries. Allowing us to easily scroll back to remember all those good moments we've lived. It has also become one of the most important sources for inspiration, so lets find some inspiration from our community. 

@tfreiij turned her instagoods into a lovely Poster Calendar. She's a wizard when it comes to composition and we wanted to know more about what she likes about Instagram and how she uses it. 


In what way do you use Instagram and what camera is your tool when capturing? 

I photograph a lot with my iPhone and I do use Instagram as a diary but also as a great excuse to edit and make the photos I take look really good. It helps me to keep my camera roll not too full.

This is not your first time printing - why do you like to print your photos?

I print simply because I think it's so much fun to get them off my device and delivered in a physical format. I put some of them on the wall or gift them away to friends and family. Always very appreciated!


@brgmnanna choosed her best 9 from Instagram and turned them into a Square Poster. Her color scaled feed along with inspiring surf- and travel shots are what characterise her visual expression the most, something that's quite obvious when looking at her blue poster. 


What camera do you use?

I photograph some with my iPhone 8 but mainly I use my Fuji x-t20 and I edit in Lightroom. I then save my favourites in iCloud or on Google Drive. That makes it easy for me to access them from all my devices and I can easily upload them on Instagram in the best quality possible (a very good thing when eventually printing). 

What's it like to get your digital photos as physical prints? 

It's so much more fun than you could actually imagine. Every time I look at them all memories comes to life. It's really something special to get them printed. I have some Framed Big Prints as well with some of my own photos. It's really cool to decorate your walls with your own art.



Simply connect to your Instagram in our app and you can choose directly from it when creating.

Simply connect to your Instagram in our app and you can choose directly from it when creating.



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Friends of Framkalla Christmas Edition

We're proud to say that we have an amazing community out there, turning our products into something amazingly personal and unique with every single order. So this post is a tribute to all of you, our friends, but also to all the rest of you out there who likes to create beautiful things and gift it to beautiful people. 

Christmas Cards by @ rebolo  and Framed Big Prints by @ attvaranagonsfru

Christmas Cards by @rebolo and Framed Big Prints by @attvaranagonsfru

Poster Calendar by @ invild90  and Retro Prints with Memory Box from @ comakihl

Poster Calendar by @invild90 and Retro Prints with Memory Box from @comakihl

Gift decorations from Photo Strips by @ karinabak  and Poster Calendar from @ maritfolland

Gift decorations from Photo Strips by @karinabak and Poster Calendar from @maritfolland

Life is best when lived, second best when remembered. Therefor we suggest that you remind someone dear about a dear moment you shared by creating this years most personal gifts. 

Hope you all get as inspired by these super ladies as we do. Time to get creative...

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Psst, remember to use #framkalla & #framinglife and let the world see your creations. 

Gifting No. 02 - Wrap up your Christmas gifts with Framkalla


Turn your gifts into something jolly and bright,
just decorate with photos - it's personal, right?! 
Already days before Christmas your home will shine, 
With personal bling as a love sign. 
Add some Photo Strips or Retro Prints, 
and your gifts will sparkle as chocolate mints.


Simply choose a design from the ClipArt gallery, 
then combine with your favourite photography:


As simple as that to make something so nice, 
we call it the Christmas blended Framkalla spice.

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Christmas greetings from us to you:

It’s time to relax about Christmas. This years most personal gifts are already in your camera roll on your phone. All you need to do is to get in a comfy position and order them straight away. We call it minimum input, maximum output: gifts that really matters. 

Have a jolly one!

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