Framing Life

Decorate with memories. Collect and share. Gifts that matters more. 

Life is best when lived. Second best when remembered. We believe it should be easy to turn your digital memories into high quality, physical prints. We deliver everything from Framed Big Prints, Posters, Calendars and Classic Prints to Photo Strips and Magnets. Regardless if you want to decorate your home, gift away treasures moments, collect or simply archive your photos in Memory Boxes - those are the things we do best. And it's simple. Download the app and get started. Printing has never been this effortless. 

The best photo printing service in Scandinavia. Bring your photos into life. From your iPhone to your home in just a few clicks, delivered in just a few days. Get started by downloading the Framkalla App now. 

All our products are printed and produced in Sweden. And that's something we're very proud of. When we produce locally it's easier for us to ensure the highest quality, good conditions and fast delivery. All those things we find important

We've also personally handpicked the paper and printing method to ensure life long quality on all our printed products. Our posters are printed on Hahnemühle Pearl 300g paper, the poster calendar is printed on Hahnemühle Studio 210g writable paper. Our other prints are printed on Fujifilm Supreme HD Lustre matte photo paper.

All our products can be found in our iPhone App, available on Appstore


A Photo Poster for every occasion

Tell a story, create something visual or simply collect your best memories all in one poster. The perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. Add a frame and it will be ready to hang immediately.  

- Comes in 6 sizes: 30x30, 30x40, 40x40, 40x5050x50 & 50x70

- Choose from 3 grids for each size

- Printed on Hahnemühle Pearl 300g paper

A FAVOURITE! Classic prints

The classic of all classics. Use your prints for interior, turn them into gifts or fill up a photo album with precious memories. Choose between 3 different sizes: 10x10cm, 10x13cm and 10x15cm. 

Add a Memory Box and it's a perfect gift already when delivered. 

A CLASSIC! Photo Strips 

Inspired by the classic Photo Booth strip and endless possibilities: Create playful invitations, decorate your wall, gift one with a book used as a personal bookmark, frame it, turn it into a thank you card, decorate a gift or create holiday greeting cards... 


Treat your loved ones with a Gift Card and let them turn their favourite memories into whatever they feel like. It does not get more personal than that in terms of gifting. 

Framed Prints in 5 different sizes

Decorate your home with memories or build your own wall of personal photo art. Sizes: 30x30, 30x40, 40x40, 40x5050x50 

- Delivered framed and ready

Swedish quality frames in white, black or oak

- Choose between black/white passepartout or full bleed prints

- Real/float glass as standard

- Acid free taped backsides for a long lasting life

GIFTING IDEA! Retro Prints + Memory Box

The retro version of the print and the old time classic. Choose between 20, 40 or 80. Always delivered in a beautiful Memory Box with a to/from card and an archive card for free. Turn it into a gift or put in somewhere nice to decorate your home.

A FAVOURITE! Photo magnets 

A lovely classic to decorate your fridge, a lamp or simply anything with a little magnetic attraction. Your magnets will be delivered as a batch of nine measuring 5x5cm each. 


Don't have the app yet? No problem:

Say hello to our refined series of Framed Prints allowing you to order your own photo art from your personal photos. It's a concept inviting us all to create great interior from our greatest life stories. Or to gift away something that really matter to both you and the happy receiver. 

Create your wall art from your own favorite photos. Tell a story about your kids, your wedding or your favorite vacation. Or create something arty from your best conceptual shots if that’s what you’re into. The Anything is possible being the strongest feature of our Framed Print series. 


Refined quality

If you invest in creating your wall of memories, we do want it to last a lifetime. The printing quality is the finest on the market, our frames are all made from high quality Swedish wood and we put real glass into them instead of the acrylic version. 


Frame colours

All our frames are made in Sweden from high quality  wood and can be delivered in white, black or oak. 


Full bleed option

Not the passepartout kinda person? Or do you prefer to mix it up a little? Choose our full bleed option for a full size print. 


Acid free taped backsides

We take great pride in our craftsmanship, taping all our back sides with acid free tape, just like the museums. Why? Simply because we want your prints to last a lifetime.



We're only using  the highest quality of acid free passepartout. Choose between black or white


Real glass

All our frames are nicely encapsulated in real glass instead of acrylic glass. 

Options and details

Paper quality: Hahnemühle 310 gram Pearl - Semimatte photo paper.

Framing technique:  Acid-free 400 grams paper on the inside of the backside taped with acid-free tape on the backside to last a lifetime. Float glass as a standard.

Frame material and colour options: Swedish high quality wood frames in white, black and oak. 

Frame sizes: 30x30, 30x40, 40x40, 40x50, 50x50. All sizes measures 20mm in depth and 15mm width.

Framing options: Acid free black/white passepartout or full bleed.

Get inspired by our creative community

Find inspiration from our lovely community. All creations representing different life stories and different styles, but all produced with the same genuine quality and technique. 

Make it happen

Find your favourite wall and start imagine how to tell your visual story. Then let it grow into something beautiful, unique, personal and stylish.


Don't have the app yet? No problem:

Framing Life

Life is best when lived. Second best when remembered. Therefor we believe it should be easy to turn your photographed memories into high quality, physical prints.

Regardless if you want to decorate your home, gift away treasures moments, collect or simply archive your photos in Memory Boxes - those are the things we do best. And it's simple. Download the app and get started. Printing has never been this effortless. 

High quality prints made in Sweden

All our products are produced in Sweden and we're proud to say that we've personally handpicked the paper and printing method to ensure lifelong quality on all our printed products. When we produce locally it's easier for us to ensure the highest quality, good conditions and fast delivery. All those things we find important.


Don't have the app yet? No problem:

Are you a story teller? Collaborate with us!


Our photo products do not reach full potential until they’re filled with great life stories, moments and memories. We therefore always look for people to make our products the best they can be by adding personality, style and that final touch.


Are you an influencer?

Everyone has a story to tell and what better way to tell it than through prints? Therefore, anyone can become our influencer. We do not look for a specific type or a specific kind of home. We look for diversity and life stories, all unique in their own way. Do you feel like telling yours while helping our products to reach a new level with your creativity? Do not hesitate to contact us for collaboration. When doing so, please provide us with all things worth knowing. Like statistics of followers, readers, impressions and general engagement from your social channels like Instagram and blog platforms. And of course, links to your platforms so that we easily can tell if we'll make a good match. 


Are you an interesting company looking for synergy? 

We all know that one plus one equals two. Are you a company selling interesting products that would benefit from our printed goods and vice versa? Do you think we can find a way to lift each other as well as creating added value to our customers? Then we're really interested in starting conversation with you.


Are you a photographer looking for a printing partner?

Are you one of those amazing people helping others to immortalise their memories of special days while telling their stories visually? Maybe you're a wedding photographer, a family photographer or portrait photographer? Or maybe you capture life and nature in all its glory? Or you prefer the more conceptual and arty kind of photography and want to sell your work of art to your audience? However you shoot - if you like to turn your work into print, we'd like to become your printing partner. The deal is simple: you order with your special code, pay nothing up front, then you resell for whatever price you like and we invoice you once a month. Have a look in our Printing Partner PDF for more details. 


Contact for collaboration:

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We’re really looking forward to start Framing Life with you. 

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